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I’ve been adding community photos to our Century 21 site and using some time to time in blog posts.  I’m a casual photographer and by no means a professional photo taker.  I do have a Nikon D40 which I enjoy.  It takes great pictures and I enjoy learning the features and settings.

Recently I found my photos on another real estate agents web site.  That’s kind of flattering that he would publish a competing realtors photos (mine) on his web page.  It was also annoying in that I wasn’t asked.  I’m not sure how often a photographers photo gets used without permission, their knowledge or offer of compensation but don’t.  Those folks deserve the credit, acknowledgement and compensation, especially if like the guy who took my photos you’re using them to build your business.

The photos were of Penhold, these are them.
Welcome to Penhold
Summer Skies
I’m glad you liked my photos, but please don’t steal them.  I’ve asked this real estate agent to remove them seeing as he didn’t ask me.  Supposedly it wasn’t him it was “the web company”.  Maybe he didn’t realize the photo by “pgalesloot” was me.  Anyway next step contact the web company to have them removed from their “asset library“.
I’ve been asked by others to use the following and I’ve said yes.
The Atlantic Hotel
Which was published here
St. Mary's Church, Red Deer, AB
Which was published here, and they’ve since redone their web.
This one was requested for one of the yellow pages promotions:
Red Deer Rainbow
This one was requested as part of some fishing website. I said sure. It’s not one of my best shots but I guess they liked it. I didn’t hear if they used it though 🙁
Red Deer River at the Joffre Bridge 3

Maybe I should take more photos or start putting watermarks on them?

I take photos for fun and to help in my real estate business.  Hope you like them.



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  1. Penny Moffitt

    Great shots Patrick! I love the one with the rainbow and the one of the church. It’s nice to see pictures of a community you may be moving to. Gives you a little knowledge of the community.

    On another note, I’m sorry another realtor ripped your pictures off. This happens to photographers all the time unfortunately. Watermarks help, but doesn’t always stop it from happening.

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