Does Your Business Need A Boot Camp?

In order to be succesful with my fitness goals I need to have

  • Have a goal.
  • It has to be meaningful, and attainable as well as all the other aspects of a “SMART” goal.
  • I also have to have a set schedule because life gets in my way.

The same is true with business goals and my success.  Have you ever had one of those days, weeks or perhaps years where you feel like your working but deep down you know that you’re not fully invested and striving?  Not for a lack of “wanting” but more of missing the execution with meaning.  Often this can happen after achieving success and you end up with “do it again?” or “now what?”.

I hit that zone in the fall with my fitness progress.  Due in part to an injury from completing a major goal of mine which was completing a half marathon.  It’s not like I wanted to or planned to gain weight and become slower, less agile and well fatter.  Those are just byproducts of not really driving for results but coasting.

Well you can only coast one way, and that is to a stop.  Once you take the foot off the gas you eventually slow down and grind to a halt.

I was persuaded by a friend to join SHRED at JDFT.  I can tell you at first I didn’t really want to.  However deep down I knew I had to kick my ass into gear because no one can do it for me.  So I signed up.  Did the initial weigh in, body measurements, fitness assessment test and committed to showing up 3 days a week, tracking my food consumption in a journal and being mindful of the caloric intake.  Sounds like fun doesn’t it “counting calories”.  It’s pretty simple thanks to an app on my iPhone.

We’re at the halfway of SHRED tonight and the results:

weight:  -5lbs

inches:  -5.25 inches

Crunches/minute:  +26%

Pushups:  + 13%

3 laps running: time decreased by 4 seconds.

So yes it is working.  If you need a proverbial kick in the ass to your fitness and well-being perhaps a SHRED or boot camp style program is for you.

Does your business need the same program?

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said:  “Ok enough of this same old same old crap, I’m kicking it into gear and it starts now”

What are those keys to success we can apply to our business from a fitness boot camp or SHRED?

  1. Commit to change
  2. Invest in the program and trust that the actions will produce results
  3. Track the details. (track your calls, count the leads, the hits, the contacts today and week)
  4. Push yourself a bit further each day.  Instead of calling 3 clients today call 4.
  5. Change up your routine.  The same old same old is where you are today, how’s that working for you?  Start at 9 am instead of 8:30.  Email instead of direct mail.
  6. Do the tasks you don’t like to do but you know they work.  Kind of like eating salad.  You know its good for you but you’d rather have fries.  For results you’d eat the salad right?  Think the same in your business.
  7. Ask for help and feedback.  Bootcamps have a coach pushing you and encouraging you as well as checking your homework.  Get a business coach.
  8. Go back to the basics, they always work.  Zumba may be the new fun exercise, but a skipping rope and pushups still work.  So does picking up the phone versus building your “facebook page”.
  9. Don’t dwell on the set backs, but celebrate the successes and improvements.

In need of a real estate sales boot camp?  Now is the time to put that into action.




Broker/Owner, and real estate/business trainer and coach.


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  1. Sweet post Patrick!

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