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Android App for Century 21 Canada Real Estate SearchOur Century 21 Canada technology gurus rolled out our latest search App on the Android platform to complement the already popular iPhone App.

It’s pretty slick, in my humble biased opinion. ūüėČ

I have tried both as I have a Goggle Nexus One Android phone (now¬†relegated¬†to occasional use) and the latest iPhone 4S. ¬†Yes I’m one of “those” tech junkies (please Santa bring me the just released Galaxy Nexus). ¬†Regardless of which phone you do use our website and all of the sites at are optimized for mobile.

Rather than go on and on about the latest gadget, I’m curious to know how many of you have used your phone or mobile device (tablet) to search for real estate. ¬†Then if you have you used an app such as ours?

Have You used your phone or tablet to search for real estate?



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