Never To Late To Start Running

When was the last time you ran?  Not just a short sprint from your car to the house because it was raining?

If you are like me it probably was a while ago and you suffer from long gaps between your physical fitness and activity.  I’ve been working on that slowly but surely.

This was me June, 2010 in New York:

This is me now:

Thankfully my wife (De), convinced me to join her at Jo Dumont Fitness one day.  A gym dominated by women (mostly mom’s) and not your typical gym.  I quickly found out… Yes I am a fat, out of shape guy.

I have continued to visit Jo Dumont at her gym, and also signed up for personal training to improve my fitness and achieve my goals.  Recently my coach, Jo, said you should increase your cardio and run more.  Seriously?  run?  So I did.  Like any coaching you have to be open to listening and follow direction.  Sometimes taking that blind leap of faith and trust your coach that they know the path to get you where you want to go.  If I knew the path I wouldn’t resemble a pear or a coach potato last year.  Thanks Jo for the path.

I ran in the Lacombe Freedom 500 Fun Run on the weekend.  After running on the treadmill and accumulating a personal best of 6.5 km I signed up for the 5 km run.  Then I got thinking I can do 5 km, I’ve done it a couple times on the tread mill.  That’s not a stretch go for the 10 km.  That’s what it’s all about right? Stretching your limits and expanding your horizons.  So I did it.  I ran in the 10 km run.  My personal best for longest distance running and my personal best for longest duration (62 minutes).

One of the coolest parts of the run was that it is a solo event but I wasn’t alone.

My family participated, and my new extended family was also there.  The welcoming and supportive new friends we’ve made at Jo Dumont fitness.

Now what?

Still have several other fitness bench marks that mean something to me.  One of them is the Ride To Conquer Cancer.  200 km cycle.

See you there,

Patrick @pgalesloot

4 Responses to “Never To Late To Start Running”

  1. Amanda

    Great Blog my eyes got a little moist 🙂

  2. Amanda you sap, 😉 You can make me do chin ups. They are also on my list you rock star

  3. Jo

    Who knows what you’ll do next! I’m glad you saw past the moms and recognized what you could do with JDFT. Thanks for the shout out.

  4. You’ve got a great team creating an environment that works and is inviting.

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