Monthly Archives: July 2012

MLS® System review

The Central Alberta REALTORS® Association recently changed MLS® systems.  More specifically the software that enables us to share listings among members and publish them to websites such as was changed. Big Deal? Well actually it is a big deal.  We’ve been using the same software for the past 10 years.  As a result our members were […]

Community Photos

I’ve been adding community photos to our Century 21 site and using some time to time in blog posts.  I’m a casual photographer and by no means a professional photo taker.  I do have a Nikon D40 which I enjoy.  It takes great pictures and I enjoy learning the features and settings. Recently I found […]

Reasons why you should buy Red Deer real estate now

Sales are up!  Is that the only reason why you should be buying a home now? Reasons why you should buy Red Deer real estate now. Sales are UP.  You’re not buying in a declining market but while the market is growing.  This is good for your investment and sets you on the right track […]

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