Monthly Archives: December 2011

Easy Step To Growing Your Business

Running your business often creates plenty of opportunity to sit at your desk and review emails, financials, market trends, and engage in social media.  However all that screen time could be hurting your business.  Here is one simple step to improving your business regardless if it is real estate or not…. Walk Around. Managing your […]

Re-calibrating Your Goals

With 2012 approaching November and December is the time to reflect on the current year and finalize your plans for 2012.  For real estate agents planning for their business is a challenging exercise for many.  Sitting down and mapping out future activity and plans is not as common as it should be.  For some reason […]

Mobile Real Estate

Our Century 21 Canada technology gurus rolled out our latest search App on the Android platform to complement the already popular iPhone App. It’s pretty slick, in my humble biased opinion. 😉 I have tried both as I have a Goggle Nexus One Android phone (now relegated to occasional use) and the latest iPhone 4S.  Yes I’m […]

Are We Balanced Yet?

2011 has been a transition year for sure.  Coming off of string buyer market conditions we are beginning to see signs of balanced market conditions.  However we’re not fully there yet.  Not all price ranges are displaying the same market conditions and regionally the hyper local real estate markets are vastly different.  For now I’ll be focusing on Red Deer. November 2011 is seasonally a […]

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