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Name This District

The downtown district currently known as the Railyards is searching for a new name. Red Deer’s Greater Downtown Action Plan, calls for new street and pedestrian connections to the riverfront, and a new pedestrian bridge linking parks areas to the developed city centre. The area presently known (or referred to as) The Railyards will become […]

REALTOR, where’s my car?

Ever have one of those days or weeks where you think they should do a reality show or we should write a book about work? In my case that would be real estate. There are plenty of shows pertaining to buying houses and flipping them, how to get rich with real estate and of course […]

Grade 6 Poly Sci?

In Grade 6 we didn’t call it “poly sci” it was just social studies or “social”. Do you remember your trip to the provincial legislature? For me it had to have been 30 years since I was last at the Alberta Legislature. It’s a grade 6 curriculum staple and has been for years. Grade 6 […]

Eat, Drink and Help Slave Lake

Other ways you can help Slave Lake in Red Deer: Order a pizza: Boston Pizza Alberta Franchises and the Boston Pizza Foundation have joined together to help raise funds for the rebuilding of Slave Lake, Alberta. On Wednesday, May 25th, $5.00 from the sale of every medium and large pizza sold at any of the […]

Slave Lake Support Update

The support from Red Deer and Central Alberta was very uplifting to see and experience. What started with a couple of working mom’s deciding to help out turned it to donation central and the rallying point for the area.  It seemed as though everyone wanted to help and all they needed was some direction and […]

Woody’s Red Deer Marathon

May long weekend for some marks the beginning of the camping season while for others it’s Woody’s race weekend. It’s grown to a large event and is an official qualifier race for the Boston Marathon.  Each May long weekend for years Red Deer has joined Woody and ran a half, or full marathon.  This year […]

Supporting Slave Lake

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of Salve Lake, AB that have lost their homes in the recent disaster. The loss of a home is one we hope no one has to experience, and the devastation endured by this community is overwhelming to consider happening in our own.  We have heard of […]

Bower Ponds

If you grew up in Red Deer during the mid 70’s and early 80’s you may recall the opening of Bower Ponds.  The pavillion on the ponds the bridge, and fish.  Yes fish.  They stock bower ponds and as young kid growing up you may have rode your bike from southern subdivisions like Morrisroe and […]

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