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Royal Listings

Royal Wedding early this morning has our household buzzing.  Our 12 year old daughter is very interested and enthusiastic about the event.  We have a date to watch the replay.  1am was a little early for her to get up on a school night (according to her mother).  All little girls aspire to be a […]

Steak and Chili

Who knew, our office like to get together over food and have some laughs. Actually we learned that long ago and every year we have a friendly sales and listings contest where we split the office into three teams and which ever team has the most listings and sales wins.  Seems like a natural fit […]

Happy Easter

Maybe we’re a bit different than other brokerages, but we like to have fun. We don’t just focus on the transaction, we help each other as a team and joke around from time to time. These are my bunnies at the office, but more importantly my residential admin backbone. They keep everything running and deliver […]

Never To Late To Start Running

When was the last time you ran?  Not just a short sprint from your car to the house because it was raining? If you are like me it probably was a while ago and you suffer from long gaps between your physical fitness and activity.  I’ve been working on that slowly but surely. This was […]

Beer Store

Thanks to Gary (@tractorview) for sending this one in.  Found through out Ontario this one was spotted in Ottawa, The Beer Store. Who doesn’t like a store dedicated to a category such as Beer?  Come on Alberta, we have privatized liquor stores, specialty wine stores but lacking in a dedicated Beer Store.  I see a niche waiting […]

A Collection Of Beer

I realized I seem to enjoy taking pictures of food presentation and beer.  I like wine, but I haven’t developed a zest for it.  I like beer, and the different flavours, colours and nuances.  I have assembled some of the beer shots taken on my cell phone. White Rascal crafted by Avery Brewing Company.  I […]

March Real Estate Stats Brief

Quick rundown on Stats, with a more detailed post to follow: March Listings: Listings in March 2011 are 232, compared to Listings in March 2010 were 321 a decrease in listing inventory of 27.7% March Sales Volume: Solds in March 150, Compared to March 2010 Solds were 120 an increase in sales volume for March of 25% First Quarter […]

Real Estate Update March 2011

A steady start to 2011 and a stronger March to lead Red Deer real estate into the spring market. Despite all of the cold weather, tons of snow Red Deer real estate MLS® statistics are pointing more and more towards a stronger 2011 and a balance stable market. . Red Deer Residential MLS® March 2011 […]

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