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February sales continue to out pace January

Last week in Red Deer real estate was a bit slower than the previous week but still a solid performer. Weekly Stats  # Listings # Sales   # Pending Sales  Jan. 25-Feb. 01  67  21  19  Feb. 2-Feb. 8 90   27  22  Feb. 9-Feb. 15 70  35 29 Feb. 16-Feb. 22 52 23 24 Pending sales […]

Sales in Red Deer Heat Up

Weekly Sales numbers in Red Deer, AB. jump 30% from the previous week. Weekly Stats # Listings # Sales Dec.29/08-Jan. 4/09 14 7 Jan. 5-Jan. 11 47 11 Jan. 12-Jan. 18 69 7 Jan. 19-Jan. 25 63 23 Jan. 25-Feb. 01 67 21 Feb. 2-Feb. 8 90 27 Feb. 9-Feb. 15 70 35 While the […]

Weekly real estate on the rise?

Real Estate Activity is on the rise! Talk to a few Realtors and you and the response will be that there is in fact more action in the market place. The numbers also reflect that as noted above.  There was an increase in listings as well as sales. The weather on the weekend was fantastic.  […]

Look at last week in Red Deer real estate

Here are the weekly numbers: The blue shaded areas represent homes that did not sell and are still available.  We like to see that gap closer if you are selling.  The bigger the gap the stronger the “buyers” market.  You can see that sales were sluggish to start January 2009.  Not to surprising given the […]

Real Estate Now?

It’s easy for me to say you should buy now, and that the market conditions are positioned in favour of buying. I’d like your input on the real estate market. What do you thinik, should I buy a house today? What advice would you give a young couple starting out today? What about you, have […]

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