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Real Estate decline predicited

AREA predicts decrease in prices and sales for real estate 2009 I’m in Banff today, at the Banff Western Connection Conference. A conference geared towards Realtors and Real Estate Associations from Western Canada. It is also open to Realtors from all over not just the western provinces. While it is not surprising that we are […]

Real Estate, budgets and drop in prime, what does that mean to you?

I’ll tell you, it’s a good thing. A rate drop means that borrowing money to buy a house or that line of credit is cheaper. Those home equity lines of credit with variable rates are looking pretty darn good these days. Now this budget delivered today would have us getting credits and reductions. Putting more […]

2009 Real Estate Market… is 2009 the year to buy real estate?

My earlier blog post I asked you 4 questions and to email me your thoughts. Where do you see house prices going long term? How long do you plane to live in that house? Should you wait? Can you afford to wait to buy based on past price trends? In follow up I received […]

2008 Red Deer Real Estate Market

The numbers are in and we’ve been reviewing the 2008 Red Deer real estate market quite a bit here at Century 21 Advantage. Quite a journey it has been with highs and lows in financial markets, and changes to price frequently. There were a lot of sales in the City of Red Deer. The graphs […]

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