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Sunday drive

A hot Sunday drive, solution for beating the heat…. Water: Thankfully we have a river running through Red Deer which also bears the same name the “Red Deer River” This particular spot is on highway 11 east towards Joffre.  It’s a popular spot for fishing and features several pic nic tables and walking trails.  A […]

County Fire Hall by moon light

Red Deer County Fire Hall #1:   Located on the intersection of 40th ave and Delburne road.  Full moon tonight, looked great so I treid to capture the moment.  Full moon not a brilliant as I viewd but still looks neat.

Why do you like one area over another?

All areas are not equal in everyone’s own mind are they?  We all look at houses differently and see benefits of the house and neighborhood that we choose differently than others.  Sure there are commonalities that come up and we cross paths from time to time, but the reason we buy and sell our home […]

Sunday Drive

Yesterday I drove to Innisfail to fill up my propane take so that I could BBQ supper.  It was a great day for a drive.  I took my daughter and my dog for a scenic tour.  Innisfail is 20 – 25 kms south of Red Deer, Penhold is the half way point between Red Deer […]

Penhold picks up the trash

Penhold installed new garabage cans. Attractive and handy for those poop bags from dog walkers and empty slush cups etc…  Always appreciated when facilities are nearby to eliminate litter.  Down with litter bugs and up with green. Your Friend in Real Estate, Patrick Galesloot

Surge in Buying:

July 2008 turns up the sales volume. While not the busiest month in 2008, it certainly was busier than July 2007. Residential sales were up 22% over last year. This is a sharp contrast to previous months in 2008. This makes me wonder “why?”. Is this rush related to changes coming early fall from finance […]

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