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Does Your Business Need A Boot Camp?

In order to be succesful with my fitness goals I need to have Have a goal. It has to be meaningful, and attainable as well as all the other aspects of a “SMART” goal. I also have to have a set schedule because life gets in my way. The same is true with business goals […]

Easy Step To Growing Your Business

Running your business often creates plenty of opportunity to sit at your desk and review emails, financials, market trends, and engage in social media.  However all that screen time could be hurting your business.  Here is one simple step to improving your business regardless if it is real estate or not…. Walk Around. Managing your […]

Re-calibrating Your Goals

With 2012 approaching November and December is the time to reflect on the current year and finalize your plans for 2012.  For real estate agents planning for their business is a challenging exercise for many.  Sitting down and mapping out future activity and plans is not as common as it should be.  For some reason […]

Caller Display, Do You Answer?

Do you answer your phone? How many times have you called a place of business and got the automated menu to select an extension of a person that isn’t there?  It’s awesome isn’t it. If your in real estate, answer your phone.  It’s simple.  You’ve advertised your phone number all over the internet, the yard […]

Increasing Traffic Through Social Media

How do I use Twitter for business? How do I use Facebook for business? As the broker/owner and manager/coach to 50+ real estate agents I get asked those questions fairly often.  First thing is there is no “right way” to Twitter or use Facebook. There is NO right way to Twitter or use Facebook. You’ll […]

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