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Three Fired Guys

As the story goes, Three guys who worked for Upper Canada Brewing were fired when the brewery was purchased by Sleeman’s. The three guys decided to open a brewery of their own and call it “Three Fired Guys”. Sounds kind of cool, but along the way it was renamed to Steam Whistle Brewing. The legacy […]

Beer Appreciation

One of the perks of taking pictures of beer, posting those pictures and blogging about beer… My friends and family know I enjoy a good beer and keep an eye out or suggest places to enjoy  a tasty brew. Sometimes it’s in jest “I told them to bring you the strangest named beer they have”. […]

Gopher Lager.

Another easy drinking Big Rock brew.  A good addition to your Thanksgiving weekend gatherings.


One of my favourite breweries is Big Rock.  They have a great variety and they brew their beers in Calgary Alberta.  Grasshopper is a great beer ice cold on a hot summers day. A tasty Alberta brew, Enjoy

A Beer To Try

My wife De sent me this one. She says “These r Stellas w/ lime slush on top. Mmm for your beer diary” I haven’t gotten around to trying that one or an iceberg etc… Maybe i’m a purist when it comes to beer, but I may have to sample one in the future.  Thanks De. […]

Beer Store

Thanks to Gary (@tractorview) for sending this one in.  Found through out Ontario this one was spotted in Ottawa, The Beer Store. Who doesn’t like a store dedicated to a category such as Beer?  Come on Alberta, we have privatized liquor stores, specialty wine stores but lacking in a dedicated Beer Store.  I see a niche waiting […]

A Collection Of Beer

I realized I seem to enjoy taking pictures of food presentation and beer.  I like wine, but I haven’t developed a zest for it.  I like beer, and the different flavours, colours and nuances.  I have assembled some of the beer shots taken on my cell phone. White Rascal crafted by Avery Brewing Company.  I […]

Mahi and More

Roy’s in Newport Beach touts their menu you as “Hawaiian fusion”.  Not sure what fusion is all about but the food was tasty.  While some of my dinner companions chose to eat steak, I opted for seafood.  Why?  I live in Alberta home to world class beef and fantastic steakhouses, i don’t need to have […]

Is That For A Food Blog?

I was asked that question by the bartender at the California Pizza Kitchen.  I guess it is now, at the time I was just sharing it on Twitter or Facebook.  I like to eat and I often take pictures of the food so why not. Baja Fish Tacos, at the California Pizza Kitchen. “Two Baja-style […]

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